So what does professional advice, patent drafting and patent filing cost?

The drafting of patent specifications is a specialized field combining the skills and experience of both an engineer and a lawyer. However, patents can be technically quite simple, such as a wheelbarrow or a pencil sharpener, or highly complex, such as new engines and gearboxes, electronic inventions, software and internet inventions, as well as some chemical inventions. In between these two extremes lie very many types of inventions such as mine prop inventions, medical devices, locking mechanisms, alarm systems, and the like.

Thus, in order to simplify your budgeting process, we have three pricing categories for South African private individuals:

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Technical Complexity South African Provisional Patent Application South African Complete Patent Application PCT International Patent Application*
Simple R 10 000.00 R 12 500.00 R 35 000.00
Moderate R 12 500.00 R 15 000.00 R 40 000.00
Complex R 14 000.00+ R 17 000.00+ R 44 000.00+

* Filed in the name of a private South African individual and all inventors are South Africans

* Add R 35 000 for non-South Africans or company or other corporate entity (official fees are very high!)

Other Advice: from R 2500 per hour.


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